Message from Ms. Sandra Horyski Steward of Siol Cudbright, Cuthbert Grant Sept

January 17, 2013


It is with great pleasure that I extend my warmest of wishes to all involved on the launch of the Clan Grant Canada online site.

As Sept Steward for the newly formed Cuthbert Grant Sept, Siol Cudbright, these warm wishes are from myself and all members of our Sept. It is such a most wonderful thing to see the Canadian Clan being given a new fresh life.

I and all members of Siol Cudbright wish you much success with this exciting new venture and I offer you any help you may require.

I know that the Clan Grant Canada will grow and thrive under your leadership and look forward to hearing of your many successes with this new venture.

With warmest regards,

Ms. Sandra Horyski, Stewart of Siol Cudbright, Cuthbert Grant Sept

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