Message From Chief of the Grants, Sir James Grant of Grant, Lord Strathspey, Baronet of Nova Scotia, 33rd Chief of Grant

I am delighted that the Clan Grant Society will flourish again in Canada. Maintaining such an organization in a country as huge as Canada with its population so widely spread is truly an enormous task and so I take this opportunity to pay tribute particularly to Jim, Robert and Raymond Grant who have expended such great efforts in recent years to keep our presence alive. Perhaps it will be that it is only now - with new technology at last penetrating deeply enough into society - that a new sort of coming together can become the basis for the maintenance, even the flourishing and celebration of our heritage.

Particularly in Canada the Grants have been deeply involved with the First Nations. And so it is that I hope that our newly forged formal links with the Métis may also provide a solid foundation for long term friendship and cooperation. It behoves us to rescue and cherish as much of the traditional cultures as we can. Here the Clan Grant, with a foot firmly planted in each camp may be in a unique position to bridge the gap and energise this effort. I was pleased to be able play a part personally in this when I attended the Cuthbert Grant Day events in Winnipeg in July 2012.

I wish all the new activists well and look forward to seeing the fruits of their labours on this website and, indeed, elsewhere.

Stand Fast!


Given at Duthil, January 15th 2013

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