Cameron Grant, Steward of Corrimony

Message from Cameron Grant, Steward of the Grants of Corrimony

February 9. 2013

To gain inspiration for what I would write today regarding the launch of this website, I sat this morning with my cherished "The Chiefs of Grant" by William Fraser, published in Edinburgh 1883, carefully turning the yellowed pages, as my Great, Great Grandfather, Sir James Alexander Grant, turned them so many years ago. Each page echoes the triumphs and struggles of a Clan in which a deep sense of community permeates all facets of life, continuing to bind all through time and distance.

Perhaps you, like I, feel the stirring of the Pict, Norse, Celt within you, and ancient memories of peat on the hearth, the fragrance of curing pelts, or the taste of a summer campfire emerging from the buffalo and saskatoon berry pounded into pemmican. The Celtic, Latin and Germanic wanderers who eked a living out of the post-glacial landscape of Europe, no strangers to harsh, majestic environments, found their calling, and joined kindred spirits in the First Nations that inhabited the land here in Kanata.

I cannot think of a better method to honour the rich and colourful heritage that we each stand proudly upon, than this Clan Grant Canada website. I applaud Anita, Mike and Penny, and all those behind the scenes, whose love, vision, dedication and passion emerge from each page.

In closing, I remember placing my hands into each of the cups that were bored into the four thousand year old Corrimony Cairn capstone. Each cup is an enduring reminder that our true strength and humanity is found within community. I take the greatest pleasure in welcoming you, Canadian Grants, to enter community and fill the cups of this Clan Grant Canada website with your contributions.

"I'll Stand Sure"


Cameron Grant

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