Message From Anita Grant Steele, Steward of the MacRobbie Grants of Trois-Rivieres

At a special Grant reunion in July, 2012, at Winnipeg, MB, Guest of Honour, Sir James Grant, Chief of Grant, appointed me first steward of the MacRobbie Grants of Trois-Rivieres.

With the stewardship came the responsibility of trying to establish a new Canadian Clan Grant organization. I cannot adequately express my thanks for those whose tremendous support, energy and encouragement has resulted in this new, totally online site. As Steward of the MacRobbie Grants of Trois-Rivieres and as an editor for this new site I am extremely proud to welcome you to Canadian Clan Grant - Online.

As the goals of this site and my personal objectives mirror one another, I have readily committed to doing whatever I can to support and promote Canadian Clan Grant - Online.

Most people are aware of the influence the Scots had on the growth and development of early North America. My goal, here, is to help create greater awareness of the influences and contributions of individual Canadian Grants - past and present - and to encourage viewers to submit and share their knowledge and stories with the rest of us.

The Grant Y-DNA project was started in an effort to determine the origins of the different Grant families and thereby contribute to a better understanding of Scottish history. For these reasons, I encourage all male Grants to consider participating in this project.

I will, of course, continue gathering, preserving and sharing information about my MacRobbie Grants of Trois-Rivieres, and their French, Indian and Metis relations. If you have Canadian Grant related stories to share, I am confident this site will provide many interested 'listeners'.

Again, welcome to Canadian Clan Grant - Online. This is your Grant site. Help it grow. Help it Stand Fast.

January 17, 2013

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