UPPER CANADA (1791 to 1840)

The history of Upper Canada (Ontario) includes the history of the War of 1812. Some interesting facts about members of the Clan Grant during this era:

  • There is record of the Clan Grant sending out the “Fiery Cross” across the Glengarry county in Ontario, Canada, as a call to arms for the war of 1812. This was believed to be the last time the “Fiery Cross” was sent out of Canada. (Quote from Quebec Thistle Council.)

  • Captain Richard Grant (1794-1862) is known to have been in soldier in 2nd Battalion of Select Embodied Militia during the War of 1812. "It is unknown what rank he held. The Select Embodied Militia was formed partly from volunteers and partly from conscripted men chosen by lot who served only one year. The light companies of the 2nd & 3rd batallions fought at the battle of Chateaugay on October 25, 1813: approximately 1,630 French Canadians and Mohawks repulsed approximately 4,000 Americans attempting to invade Canada." (Quote from Anita Grant Steele's William Grant of Trois Rivieres Genealogy.ca).

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