NORTHWEST COAST (1728 to 1900)

Some interesting facts about members of the Clan Grant during this era:

  • Walter Colquhoun Grant (1822-1861) was the first settler on Vancouver Island. He was a descendant of Duncan Grant, the last owner of Mullachard a small estate on the River Spey. As a young man, Walter Colquhoun had lost a fairly large fortune in Scotland as the result of a bank failure. He set out to make a new life by becoming a colonial surveyor for the Hudson's Bay Company on Vancouver Island. James Douglas helped him select 200 acres of not very good land 25 miles outside Fort Victoria. Grant established a farm and sold a few "potatoes" and s"pars." He only stayed on Vancouver Island from 1848 to 1853 - after which he went back to Scotland. He later joined the Scots Greys and died in India. He is most famous for being considered the founder of Sooke, B.C. and for bringing the pretty, but invasive, Scotch Broom, to Vancouver Island. The seeds were actually given to him when he was in Hawaii. More information is available in Peterson, Jan (2012) Kilts on the Coast: The Scots who built BC. Heritage House, The Dictionary of Canadian Biography and at the National Archives of Scotland.

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