• Historical Eras: Historically verifiable information about Canadian Grants - organized according to the Historical Eras found in the Canadian Encycopedia's Timeline. Names are listed in birth date order within each Historical Era.

  • Stories: Unverified information and stories about Canadian Grants - listed in birth date order.

  • Notables: List of members of the Canadian Clan Grant who appear in the Historical Eras or Stories sections of this website. Also includes some Grants in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Names are listed in alphabetical order.

    NOTE: Notables can be used to find biographies of Grants listed in Historical Eras or Stories.


    We are aware of the dilemmas faced by historians. We try to trace as much of our information as possible back to actual historical records. But records are not always available and even written records can be erroneous. We are not professional historians - but like historians, we speculate about what seems to have happened and why it might havehappened. We draw our best conclusions and think they are probably "true" - at least for now.

    We welcome additions to our History section through our clangrantcanada Google Group.

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