FIRST NATIONS (40,000 yrs. ago to the present) ERA

Some interesting facts:

  • Some Canadian First Nations people have the last name "Grant." For example Dorothy Grant is a famous Haida artist and fashion designer. Her work is on display in the Royal BC Museum Shop . She kindly let the editors know that her father was Owen Charles Grant, her grandfather was Frederick Grant of Hydaburg Alaska and her great-grandfather was Orlando Wells Grant of Ketchikan Alaska, via Seattle and perhaps Nova Scotia. He left there at age 15.

  • Some members of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma, USA, are descended from Ludovick Grant of Creichie, Aberdeenshire. Ludovick Grant was captured at a Jacobite uprising in 1715 and sent to South Carolina as an indentured servant. Later he became a trader and married a Cherokee wife. His descendants are now recognised as the Siol Lewis sept of the Clan Grant. Check out and . Apparently, none of the Siol Lewis members have the surname "Grant."

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