1920 - 1938 ERA

Some interesting facts about the Grants during this era:

  • John Grant (d. 1924) was a horse rancher near Fort MacLeod and Merryflat, Alberta. His son Jack Grant (d. 1968) carried on with the ranch after his father died of blood poisoning from a sliver in his finger. See Laura Parsonage Article and Jack Grant Photos .

  • In 1920, William Lawson Grant's (1872–1935)social studies text, History of Canada was banned from British Columbia high schools - probably because it offended the intensely pro-British and anti-Quebec feelings of Canadian Orangemen following World War I. More on this can be found at: Humphries, Charles (2012) The banning of a book in BC Journal of the British Columbia Historical Federation, Vol 45, No. 1, p. 27.) W.L. Grant was principal of Upper Canada College, father of philosopher George Parkin Grant (1918 - 1988) and grandfather of Michael Ignatieff (b.1947). More information is available in the Canadian Encyclopedia.

  • In 1938, Louis Seymour Grant (1910-1990) , a descendant of Richard Stanislas Grant (1822-1852), wrote his his Masters Thesis in History at the University of British Columbia. The title was "Fort Hall on the Oregon Trail." The thesis is available at chucklingchimes.ca .

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