Not all people named "Grant" are directly related to the Laird or to each other.

In the past, some people were given the name "Grant" because they lived on Grant lands or were Grant suppporters. (For example, members of the MacRobbie Grants of Trois-Rivieres have a genetic connection to the Laird while members of Siol Cudbright do not.)

We plan to put up genealogical charts and other information about the Clan Grant in Canada as soon as we figure out how to do this.


One of the best ways to identify your genealogy is through DNA testing.

If you are a Canadian Grant, you can determine your place in overall Grant genealogy by having your DNA tested through the Grant DNA Project


In the meantime:

  • Take a look at William Grant of Trois-Rivieres Website for genealogical information about the descendants of William Grant of Trois-Rivieres.

  • Check out and "discover the world's largest online family history resource."

  • Take a look at the UK Clan Grant website - which has a lot of very interesting information about the Clan Grant in the UK.

Golden Tree

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