July 13, 2012: The MacRobbie Grants of Trois-Rivieres (Descendants of William Grant of Trois-Rivieres) held a Tea for the Chief of the Grants, Sir James Grant of Grant, Lord Strathspey, Baronet of Nova Scotia, 33rd Chief of Grant. The Tea was held at the Fort Garry Hotel. At this Tea, the descendants of William Grant of Trois-Rivieres were recognized as a cadet of Clan Grant. Anita Grant Steele was appointed the Steward of MacRobbie Grants of Trois-Rivieres.

The photos in this gallery show most of the guests who attended the Tea - plus the Laird and Judy Lewis's arrival and departure. Photos were taken by Betty Baier, Rita Lavoie, Marian Sattler and Anita Grant Steele.

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