• August 2014 the MacRobbie Grants held a Reunion in Scotland . More news and pictures coming.

  • August 2013, the MacRobbie Grants held a Reunion in Pocatello, Idaho to celebrate Richard Grant and Richard Stanislas Grant. See Idaho 2013 for details and pictures.

  • July 2012, the MacRobbie Grants held a Reunion in Winnipeg . Read an article by Anita Grant Steele. See Laird's Tea and Visit to Carmen for pictures.

  • Summer, 2005, the descendants of John Francis (Johnny) Grant (1833-1907) held a Reunion at the Grant Kohrs Ranch in Deer Lodge, Montana. See Deer Lodge for pictures.

  • Clan Grant Canada - Grants at Deer Lodge 2005


  • July, 2012, the Laird visited Canada and established the Siol Cudbright Sept. Read an article by Ken Fluto of St. James-Assiniboia Pioneer Association Inc.

  • The Laird's Banquet was a highlight of the Laird's 2012 visit. See pictures at Laird's Banquet

  • Another highlight of the Laird's visit was the 2012 celebration of Cuthbert Grant Day. See Cuthbert Grant Day for pictures.

  • See Cuthbert Grant Website for more Siol Cudbright informaiton.

    For more photos of past events, see Galleries.

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