The "Videos" section of this website provides sources of information about the Clan Grant in Canada.

  • Grant, Jean-Paul In honour of William Grant of Trois-Rivieres: First of Our Line to Arrive in Canada. Sorel, Quebec. Jay Grant, who lives in Winnipeg and is a member of the MacRobbie Grants of Trois-Rivieres describes his video, "I was going to Nova Scotia to visit, so me and the wife, Nancy Elizabeth Grant , decided we should drive out and make the stop in Sorel, Quebec, to visit William Grant's grave site. We were so overwhelmed with the site we had to put the flowers and celtic cross up to honor his memory." The tune is "The Braes of Castle Grant."

  • On September 28, 2013, the Cuthbert Grant (1792-1854) Memorial Marker was unveiled at St. Francis Xavier Parish near Winnipeg. The Archbishop said the blessing and about 100 people attended the event. See the Youtube video of the unveiling at at

  • The same day, an oak tree was planted in cuthbert Grant' memory. See Youtube vieos at at

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